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INDUSTEX at Direct Response TV Distribution

INDUSTEX is a major supplier of As Seen On TV products to most companies that sell through TV all around the world.

INDUSTEX is not only a product supplier, but also the marketing partner to make of each product a bestseller in its category. The provided marketing support includes spots and infomercials in any of all popular formats: 1, 2, 5, 15, and 30 minutes.

Top quality shows

Every year INDUSTEX produces over 30 infomercials. That is almost 3 infomercials per month!

INDUSTEX's shows stand out for its production quality and its proven and successful performance in generating direct response orders.

INDUSTEX works with the top infomercial and spot producers, with direct involvement from the marketing concept through to the production and editing of the shows. INDUSTEX is proud to have a creative team formed of some of the most talented writers and editors in the industry.

To ensure the upmost quality and attention to detail INDUSTEX has its own editing suite. INDUSTEX understands the importance of a localized approach of the shows. This is why every infomercial is dubbed and adapted to suit each culture.

Profitable product life

In order to extend the products' life cicle, INDUSTEX constantly develops new offers, revitalizes customer testimonials, and tests new price points.

INDUSTEX has developed a proprietary, analytical system. This increases the efficiency in targeting the audience, obtaining more sales per viewer, and promoting retail sales. This results in increased profitability and the ability to support all channels of distribution.

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