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Make your cat the happiest pet with Cat Scratcher!


Scraper and scratcher, 2 in 1 perfect for your cats .

With a design to stimulate cats, it helps to brush the hair. The perfect solution to avoid scratches and nails scattered across the house, say goodbye to the scratched furniture .

The pad as a scraper is made of lightweight and durable material, it files the cat nails while having fun. It will be the favorite cat space to be like an amusement park where you can rest and feel well while playing.


Cat Scratcher is the best way to brush the cat while avoiding the hair flying around the house, your cat will enjoy a relaxing massage with the scraper pad. For more fun with Cat Scratcher, you will receive a herbs bag for your cat to feel even better.




SKU: VVAVACIND0383 / EAN: 0644812037719
  • Retail pack meas: 36x29x7,8 (HxWxD cm)

    Product meas:  35 x 35 cm

    Oval plate: 35x28cm / 13.65x10.92

    Arch Height: 35cm / 13.65


If you are interested in this product, our sales department will contact you to clarify any doubts and to help you with a quote tailored to your needs.

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