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  Facial exfoliator and hair remover. Professional exfoliation at home.
  Improve the aplication of makeup & creams. Smothes the appearance of fine lines.
  Exfoliates dry deas skin & removes peach fuzz.

  Buit-in Led light.
  High quality Japanse stainless steel blade.

  Exfoliates, removes, smoothes.
  Radiant younger skin.

  With safety guard that prevents nicks and cuts.
  Use in short feathery strokes while holding at 45º angle.

  Perfect for any skin type.
  Ideal for exfoliating chin, cheek, neckline and forehead. Exfoliates, removes, smoothes

  Works with AAA battery (NOT included)


  • Units/MC: 24

    Retail pack: 18,5x11x4 (HxWxD cm)


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