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The shower slippers that clean, exfoliate and massage your feet. Deep clean your feet effortlessly, safety and comfort in your day by day.

Non-slip suction pads, Ideal for older people, It exfoliates and massages, feet younger and softer than ever. No more bending to clean your feet, built-in pumice stone, over 1.000 bristles suction cup bottom grips to any floor.

It’s like getting a pedicure everyday


Artikelnummer: VCSVACIND0041 / EAN: 0644812009938
  • Units/MC: 6

    Retail pack: 11.4x31.1x14 (HxWxD cm)


If you are interested in this product, our sales department will contact you to clarify any doubts and to help you with a quote tailored to your needs.

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