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Get defined abs and a toned and sculpted body by simply pressing a button.

Tones and sculpts the whole body. The easiest and fastest way to get fit! 

You can use it anywhere.

6 programs / 10 intensity levels

Program / Function: 1 Massage

2 Weight loss

3 Muscle building

4 General exercise

5 Anti-cellulite

6 Drainage


The set includes:

- 1 Gymform Power Burn

- 2 Adhesive electrodes for the ABS

- 2 round adhesive electrodes

- 1 instruction manual

- 1 book with the diet



Batteries: the unit works with 2 CR-2032 3 V batteries (not included).


# Stay at home



SKU: VDPGYCIND0097 / EAN 0644812051623

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