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Insect repellent - sustainable.

Effective against flying and smelling insects and pests with novel barrier effect.

Duration of action up to 6 months.

Insectermin acts as a barrier and prevents the insects from entering your home.

The effect is immediate, very efficient and long-lasting.

The container contents allow the protection of an area of ​​60 m2 and are sprayed on the areas where the insects penetrate or hook up, for example along baseboards, sewers.

Areas sprayed on or ingress by insects, for example, skirting boards, sewers, in cracks or crevices, under furniture, behind electrical appliances, around windows and doors, on shutters, curtains, carpets, clothes and other textiles.


Artikelnummer: VHGHSCBOT0001 / EAN: 0644812018848
  • Units/MC: 12

    Retail pack: 27,5x11x 5 (HxWxD cm)

    Product: 27,5x11x 5 (HxWxD cm)


If you are interested in this product, our sales department will contact you to clarify any doubts and to help you with a quote tailored to your needs.

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