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• The next  generation in pest devices.

It  repels cockroaches, spiders, insects,  flies,  mosquitoes,  ants  and rodents.

• More powerful and effective

•  With  new  pulse  amplifier:  up to 300 m2 of coverage

•  Electromagnetic  +  ultrasound technology

•  With  variable  frequency  so  bugs  and  rodents  don’t  get  used to the sound.

•  Chemical  free;  non-toxic;  comes with night light

• No spare parts to change, no  maintenance, unlimited duration.


• Just plug it in


Artikelnummer: VVAVACBLI0019 / EAN: 0644812031359
29,99 €Preis
  • Units/MC: 24

    Retail pack: 25x22x6 (HxWxD cm)


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