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The bag set for storing all your family's clothes and household linens.

Store duvets, pillows, blankets and bulky winter coats, or double the capacity of your suitcase.


The Starlyf® Vacuum Bag set includes:

2 Medium bags (50 x 70 cm) (with blue valve)

2 Extra-large bags (70 x 100 cm) (with blue valve)

1 Medium gusset bag (110 x 110 x 44 cm, 484 L) (with white valve)

1 Large gusset bag (130 x 130 x 52 cm, 878 L) (with white valve)

2 Travel bags (35 x 40 cm) (no valve)


SKU: VHGSLCSET0019 / EAN: 0644812049859
39,99 €Price
  • Units/MC: 8

    Retail pack: 31x20x11,5 (HxWxD cm)


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