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The revolutionary self-propelling expanding hose, expands up to 25 foot hose.

Automatically expands when water is on and contracts when water is turned off.

Just turn on the water and it grows up to 3 times its length.

Ultra-lightweight, never kinks, never binds, never tangles.

Super strong and durable, easy to store.

Expands with water pressure, contracts for easy storage.

The secret is its revolutionary dual-sleeve, water-pressure-activated design.

It is made of a durable, flexible, expandable hose surrounded by strong, durable fabric.


SKU: VHGVACIND0239 / EAN: 0644812023996
  • Units/MC: 12 

    Retail pack: 31,5x13,5x15,5 (HxWxD cm)

    Product: 75 FT


If you are interested in this product, our sales department will contact you to clarify any doubts and to help you with a quote tailored to your needs.

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