Two step system that helps to improve leg circulation and relax & refresh legs.

Grape Leaf Extract, It also contributes significantly to making spider veins fade away.

Dual action system. Beautiful silky smooth legs. Safe, easy and natural, alleviates pain reducing swelling & activating circulation. Clinically tested, instantly alleviates pain and can eliminate varicose veins in just a few weeks.
  STEP 1: CRYOGENIC SPRAY  (with instant cool effect)
  Alleviates pain reducing swelling & activating circulation.

  STEP 2: ACTIVATOR CREAM  (Instant conceal)
  Immediately covers and conceals varicose and spider veins.


SKU: VCSVAFSET0191/EAN: 644812053795
  • Units/MC: 24

    Retail pack: 19'5 x 9'5 x 9'5 (HxWxD cm)


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