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Velform® Vacu Clear gently eliminates facial blackheads and clogged pores without squeezing.

Its powerful suction mechanism removes dirt and oil from the skin.


Four interchangeable suction heads:

1. Small head: gentle suction; perfect for everyday use.

2. Large head: intense suction; perfect for blackheads.

3. Oval head: oval opening for getting into corners around the nose and mouth.

4. Sonic head: helps exfoliate dead skin while pulling dirt and oil from the skin.


SKU: VCSVFCIND0202 / EAN: 0644812046858
  • Units/MC: 24

    Units/IC: 6

    Retail pack: 23,4x14x6 (HxWxD cm)

    Product: 6,5x19,5x5,5 (HxWxD cm)


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