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Vizmaxx® Autofocus glasses are suitable for helping you improve your near and middle-distance vision.


  • Multi -focus lenses
  • Corrects close-up & reading vision for almost anyone
  • Perfect for: Threading a needle/ reading prescription bottles/ cell phone
  • No need to change your glasses
  • You can adjust to different strengths depending on your need
  • Flexible power range: from 0.5 to 2.75



    SKU: VMDVACIND0017 / EAN: 0644812048050


    SKU: VMDVACIND0018 / EAN: 0644812048043

  • Units/MC: 48      

    Units/IC: 12

    Retail pack: 13,7x4,3x13,8 (HxWxD cm)

    Product: 13,7x4,3x13,8 (HxWxD cm)


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